Thursday, February 13, 2014

Uncanny Clairvoyance

I cannot explain it, but it happens all the time with me. I write about something and then it shows up in the press. Take the February 10th  issue of Investment News for example. They have numerous articles about Non-Traded REIT's, or Non-Publicly Traded REIT's as I like to call them. In this issue, you can find that the sales for these so-called investments are through the roof. Why? Because it pays the reps (Wally Street as I like to call them) really great commissions. You don't have to be a smart person to figure that out. That's where the money is!

I wrote extensively about this fiasco of a product in my book, Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid. 

Apparently, FINRA,(the regulator who was asleep at the wheel regarding Bernie Madoff) has suddenly decided to give a little more scrutiny to the purchase and sales of these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. You see, the firms that sponsor these products take 11-13% right off the top for (don't make me laugh) management expenses. The only problem is that the price they show customers does not reflect this theft, or excuse me, I meant to say allocation for management expenses. Customers, or should I say victims, have no idea that their Non-Publicly Traded REIT is worth 11-13% less as soon as the money is deposited into this crappy investment.

People really need to read my book, especially people who buy these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. Or, I guess they could stay stupid and continue to get ripped off by Wally World.

The funny thing is that this clairvoyance does not just happen with these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. It happens with most all of the products that I advise readers to stay away from in my book. As my dad would say, "For the laughingly low figure" of $19.99 for a printed book, or only $3.99 for the eBook, you just cannot go wrong. Think about the potential thousands of dollars in commissions and years of no liquidity you could save by reading my book. You cannot even imagine how fast you will turn your train around once you know the truth about Wally Street.

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