Thursday, February 13, 2014

Uncanny Clairvoyance

I cannot explain it, but it happens all the time with me. I write about something and then it shows up in the press. Take the February 10th  issue of Investment News for example. They have numerous articles about Non-Traded REIT's, or Non-Publicly Traded REIT's as I like to call them. In this issue, you can find that the sales for these so-called investments are through the roof. Why? Because it pays the reps (Wally Street as I like to call them) really great commissions. You don't have to be a smart person to figure that out. That's where the money is!

I wrote extensively about this fiasco of a product in my book, Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid. 

Apparently, FINRA,(the regulator who was asleep at the wheel regarding Bernie Madoff) has suddenly decided to give a little more scrutiny to the purchase and sales of these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. You see, the firms that sponsor these products take 11-13% right off the top for (don't make me laugh) management expenses. The only problem is that the price they show customers does not reflect this theft, or excuse me, I meant to say allocation for management expenses. Customers, or should I say victims, have no idea that their Non-Publicly Traded REIT is worth 11-13% less as soon as the money is deposited into this crappy investment.

People really need to read my book, especially people who buy these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. Or, I guess they could stay stupid and continue to get ripped off by Wally World.

The funny thing is that this clairvoyance does not just happen with these Non-Publicly Traded REIT's. It happens with most all of the products that I advise readers to stay away from in my book. As my dad would say, "For the laughingly low figure" of $19.99 for a printed book, or only $3.99 for the eBook, you just cannot go wrong. Think about the potential thousands of dollars in commissions and years of no liquidity you could save by reading my book. You cannot even imagine how fast you will turn your train around once you know the truth about Wally Street.

You can get it at multiple places by visiting my web site below:


Thank you very much.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Press Release Goes Live Today

Since my book just went live, I thought it would be a good idea to let people know. One of the quickest ways that I know is to run a press release. What I hope people take a chance on is buying my book. I didn't do it to be on the A-List. I wrote it so that people who are currently doing business with banks, insurance companies and Wall Street firms for financial advice will learn why this is a stupid idea.

We all have a need for banks and credit unions for checking and savings activities. However, none of us have any reason to do business with banks and credit unions for financial advice. If you are currently doing your financial advice business with banks and credit unions, then you are being sold revenue generating products by Wally Street that benefit him and his bank or credit union and not you. That's a fact, Jack.

We all have a need to do business with property and casualty firms for car insurance and home owner's insurance. However, none of us have any reason to do business with a property and casualty firm for financial advice. Did you really wake up one day and say, "You know, I think I want to do my financial services business with the guy who sold me my car insurance." That would be a guy named Wally Street, by the way.

None of us have any reason to do business with a Wall Street firm. These guys are the pros at taking money away from you. In fact, as I say in my book, you are stupid if you do your financial services business with them. I know. I know. You don't believe me. However, after reading my book, then you will realize how right I am.

Tell your friends and family about "Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid."

Here is the press release.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Publishing Mogul?

Not hardly. Let me tell you that things have changed immensely since my last book that was published in 2009. Back then, it was not readily available for indie authors to get their books on iPads, Kindles and Nook devices. Today, however, it is now possible for indie authors to get their books pretty much everywhere.

I have spent a lot of nights staying up late after work to get my latest book, Meet Wally Street. The Reason You're Stupid, available for sale not only in printed book form, but also for all of these popular devices. As of today, I have accomplished one major task and that was to get it on Amazon in printed book form and in addition, in the Kindle format. Even if you do not have a Kindle device, you can still get a Kindle app on your iPad, or Android tablet. In addition, if you have Windows 8.1, then you can also download the free Kindle app for Windows tablets and computers, too. Further, if you have a Mac, then you can get the Kindle app for Mac also.

Even though it is not on iBooks or Nook today, please rest assured that it will be soon. I am diligently working on it behind the scenes. It is currently in review and it has to be 100% accurate. If there are any errors, then I have to correct them and resubmit my request. So, there is a little back and forth that goes on when you have a 91,000 plus page book. I think I am at the 100% accuracy mark, but I have to pass the tests to be certain.

The point that I wanted to make is that you can buy it today with the free Kindle app on most devices and read it that way right now.

Do you think that you are smart? Trying to convince people that they are stupid is a monumental task. One thing that I know for sure is that you will be much smarter after reading this book, than you were before you read it. That I know without a doubt.

By the way, you can go through life adhering to other people's opinion of yourself, or you can dare to be different. Although I am a very introverted person, in this book, I have "let the dogs out." In other words, the Wally Streets of the world are going to hate my stinking guts.