Friday, May 12, 2017

Colleges Risk Losing Alumni Funds

There was a sad showing at Bethune-Cookman University the other day in Daytona Beach, Florida. At the graduation ceremony, a bunch of students were rude and got up and turned their back on the speaker, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The President of the university quickly realized the problem with this and told the students that they risked not having the ceremony go any further.

These snowflakes, as they are commonly called, have no clue about the real world. They do not realize that alumni of that university do not want to see that kind of shenanigans go on, but would rather see a proud and respectful group of graduates.

I am personally graduating from college tomorrow at the age of 60 and I can tell you that as a soon-to-be alumni, there is no way on God's green earth that would I give a nickel to a university that had students act this way. These Bethune-Cookman snowflakes do not realize how those actions harm their proud university. Fund raising efforts, for a mainly black university no less, where it is already difficult to raise funds, is going to find that their alumni donations will stall.

In addition, if I am an employer and a Bethune-Cookman grad's resume comes across my desk, I am going to remember this event and wonder whether or not the person who is applying is going to be one of those snowflakes. The easy decision is to not hire anyone who recently graduated from Bethune-Cookman. Do you think these snowflakes ever think about things like this, before they showed their backside to Secretary DeVos? Of course not. They obviously have no clue about the real world, or the consequences of their decisions.

Before you decide to oppose everything Trump, you just might want to think about it a little bit longer. You are probably doing a whole lot more harm than you can ever imagine. Community organizers are just using you to promote their personal political agenda. They do not care about you or your success in life.

Kudos go to the President of Bethune-Cookman for recognizing immediately the error of the snowflakes ways.