Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calling All Financial Advisor Bloggers!

Evidently, my blogging audience is rather small, because if anyone was reading my blog, then they would know not to invest in anything on my Do Not Buy List. Unfortunately, there will always be crooks out there who con people out of their money. It has been a year since I introduced my Do Not Buy List to the world. Based on what has happened in the last year, it is painfully evident to me that my message is not getting out to the masses. Therefore, I would like to call on all the other Financial Advisor Bloggers out there to reiterate, retweet, repeat and respect my Do Not Buy List.


Private Placements
Structured Investments
Non-Publicly Traded REIT's
Non-Publicly Traded Limited Partnerships
Promissory Notes
Regulation D Offerings
Exchange Traded Notes (ETN's)
Precious Metals
Floating Rate Bank Loan Mutual Funds
A Shares Mutual Funds (unless commission waived)
B Shares Mutual Funds
C Shares Mutual Funds

Why do I have these things on the Do Not Buy List? You will have to go back to my December 2, 2009 blog post to find out. All you have to do is put in 'Do Not Buy List' in the Blogger Search box and you will find it.

Also, what you may find very interesting is how many violations of my Do Not Buy List occurred in the last year. Do a Blogger Search on my Blog for 'Remember When I Said' and you will see all the times during the last year that I pointed out people who fell for things on my Do Not Buy List. These articles are proof positive that items on my Do Not Buy List are indeed things that you do not want to invest in, ever.

Stay safe out there. Be smart about what you are doing with your money.