Monday, August 24, 2009

Vilification is Getting Old

The liberal playbook is getting old. The problem is that they believe most Americans are stupid. What the liberal's do to get their way is now common knowledge. Their playbook has not changed. It is:

  1. State that there is a major problem.
  2. State that they have a solution to the problem.
  3. Vilify opponents publicly.
  4. Vilify major corporations publicly.
  5. Threaten opponents and major corporations.
  6. Bring forth legislation to fix the problem.
  7. Vote in favor of the legislation.
  8. Ignore constituents.
  9. Spread the rewards to their cronies.

The problem with the Health Care Reform Public Option is that it affects most everyone. If Congress is passing legislation to build a bridge in some far off state, then that does not really have much effect on everyday Americans. However, health care affects everybody, so people are more engaged on this topic and they are making it known to their Representatives and Senators.

Keep up the good fight America.

I say VTO in 2010. VTO stands for Vote Them Out in 2010! Maybe it should be VTAO. Vote Them All Out!