Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bicycling Accident

The last weekend for the Tour de France was kind of exciting for me. I went out and road my Trek bike around on Saturday, the 25th of July. The very next day, I decided to go for another ride. I was almost to my house when I got hit from behind by a car. I spent several hours in the hospital that night. I had cut my head which needed a couple of staples. I had a concussion, lots of road rash and I believe that I might have fractured my collar bone. I slept most of this past week away. I could not stay awake more than an hour. Today, I finally feel like I can stay awake.

The collar bone is painful. I am going to have to visit my personal physician to see about it. I cannot move my arm around without sharp pains.

I marvel at George Hincapie who injured his collar bone and continued to ride in the Tour de France. That guy is my hero. He is tougher than nickel steak. I had an official George Hincapie jersey on which was proudly displaying the Arkansas Razorbacks insignia. I also had a pair of Hincapie gloves on. The Giro helmet saved me from a worse fate. I am very lucky to be here.

I thought I would give you an update as to why I have not blogged in a few weeks. Now you know.

Stay safe out there.