Friday, June 9, 2017

Nobody's Watching

The mainstream media is so diluted these days. They actually think that people are sitting around everyday watching their propaganda. They have really gone off the rails. They were so disappointed when Ex-FBI Director James Comey said President Trump was not the subject of the fake news Russia Investigation.

In my opinion, this leaking to the press is ridiculous. It kind of makes you wonder, what else did Mr. Comey leak to the press?

According to Mr. Comey, the former Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to call the Hillary Clinton Criminal Investigation a "matter" instead of an "investigation." Of course, this was after the meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton. They said they were talking about grandkids. Give me a break. These people need to be investigated and not by Congress. These Senators are too inept and too connected to each other to actually get any thing accomplished. All they do is grandstand for the cameras. Only a law enforcement agency such as the Department of Justice should investigate these people. Come on Jeff Sessions. Have some courage. Take somebody down. Why is it called the Department of Justice? Where is the justice?

None of this crap is ever going to stop, but you can make people think twice if you throw somebody in jail besides Reality Winner. Perhaps like one of the prior administration's department heads.

This is precisely what is wrong in Washington D.C. Once they get into a position of power, they abuse it and repeatedly break the law. The deep state is committing a felony every time they release classified information to the press. Most of the time, these leaks are not even true. They are lies to make it hard on our President.

I believe that we are in a culture war between the political class, the mainstream media on one side and the working class on the other side. I think the working class is fed up with the mainstream media, these political people and their endless investigations that go nowhere. The mainstream media is showing their true colors and I suspect that normal people do not like what they see on television or read in the papers.

No one ever gets indicted. People abuse power left and right and nothing ever happens to them. They spend money like it is going out of style, mostly on themselves and are not accountable to anyone.

The political class is fighting to protect their turf. The President is fighting to break this vicious cycle of political power and return the power to the American people. Let's hope he succeeds.