Friday, June 17, 2016

Vote For or Against Change This November

The GOP Elites love to talk about Ronald Reagan and how great a President he was while in office. While I would agree wholeheartedly that he was a great President, what the GOP Elites fail to understand is how he was able to be a great President. He appealed to most all of the American voters.

These GOP Elites have taken some of the qualities of Reagan and tried to duplicate these into the GOP Party Platform over the years. Things like strong Christian values, tax reform, a strong military, and exceptional economic growth have all been touted by the GOP Elites as the things that we need to move this country forward. If this is true, then why have you put up John McCain and Mitt Romney as your last two Presidential candidates?

The political pundits in D.C. tell the Republicans that they need to put forth someone that can reach across the aisle, form consensus and get things done on the Hill. Well, supposedly John McCain and Mitt Romney both fit that bill. However, I have to ask, how did that work out? Not so well. The truth is that these GOP Elites have been lying all along. They want divided government, so they can keep things the same.

Right now, we are witnessing an unprecedented Presidential election season. The GOP Elites have tried everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from getting the nomination. Even after he has gotten enough delegates to get the nomination, these GOP Elites are still trying to figure out a way that Mr. Trump does not get the nomination at the Republican convention. This is truly astounding. These elitists favor not voting at all, or perhaps even voting for the Democratic candidate which would be a unprecedented and fateful decision.

Poor Mr. Trump. He won the nomination fair and square and yet day after day we hear of Republican politicians and pundits who say "they will not support him." He had to beat back 16 challengers in the Republican primaries and succeeded. This is what successful people do. They win.

These GOP Elites are some arrogant bastards. Write down their names when you hear them. If they are a politician, then vote them out of office. All of these SOB's. They do not represent the American people in any way, shape, or form. They are simply trying to protect their turf. They are trying to protect the money flow in D.C. that flows into their personal bank accounts. Mr. Trump said he didn't need the political pundits. These people lost thousands, tens of thousands and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars, because Mr. Trump didn't need their "expertise."

The emperor has no clothes. I am not talking about Mr. Trump, but rather these GOP Elites. Mr. Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Washington, D.C. is nothing short of a cesspool of politicians who care nothing about the American citizens. All these GOP Elites care about is themselves. The proof is in how they are acting towards Mr. Trump.

If you are a Trump supporter, then do not be disheartened by the polls that show such an unfavorable rating for Mr. Trump. 

Those polls are done by the people who didn't get paid those thousands of dollars that they normally get every election cycle.

Mr. Trump did not need these pollsters, so now they are paying him back with these "rigged polls" showing his supposed unfavorable ratings. The purpose of polls is to dissuade voters from voting. I do not think it is going to work this year. The American voter is more informed now. We'll see how it all works out. So far, the old tried and true ways of Washington, D.C. have not worked to take out Mr. Trump.

It is not any better on the Democratic side. Hillary Clinton is being investigated by the FBI. Will she be indicted, or is the fix in already? Does she have inside knowledge that she will not be indicted? If so, then why hasn't the FBI stopped investigating her? Mrs. Clinton has said over and over again that there is "zero chance" of her being indicted. What is she doing by making these kind of bold statements? Does she have some kind of secret agreement with the President that he will quickly pardon her if she is indicted? Is she "daring" a grand jury to indict her? What in the hell is she doing? It seems to me that she is not dropping out, even if she is indicted. Obviously, the American voter has no right to know the truth. Who gives a rat's ass about us?

With the terrorist attack in Orlando, the FBI was all over the news. We even heard of a grand jury being put in place within days of the horrific event. The FBI investigation has moved swiftly. All kinds of new information has come out from the FBI about the terrorist and his wife. It kind of makes you wonder doesn't it? In a terrorist attack, the FBI can move swiftly, but when it comes to Hillary Clinton, they have dragged her investigation out over several months. They can't seem to get a grand jury in place to review Mrs. Clinton's activities. Seems like there is a defugalty here. I do not think this is the FBI's fault at all. There is something going on behind the scenes that we do not know about. If Mrs. Clinton wins, then we will never know about it.

If Mrs. Clinton is not indicted, then what does this mean? Regardless whether or not she gets indicted, one thing is certain. The status quo in Washington, D.C. will remain the same for the Democrats. Hillary's supporters will vote for her even if she is indicted. You can bank on that fact. The Democratic money flow will continue.

Poor Bernie Sanders. He has not dropped out, because I am sure that he is expecting an FBI indictment any day now. Mr. Sanders must believe that he can swoop in and get the nomination after Hillary bows out. I am sorry to be the one to say it, but Hillary Clinton is not bowing out regardless whether or not she gets indicted. Bernie supporters should be furious and vote for Mr. Trump.

On the other side, if the GOP Elites are successful in stopping Mr. Trump from being elected, then the status quo will remain the same for them, too. Both parties want things to stay the same, regardless of what you hear, read about or watch on television. There are wolves in the hen house.

The reason why Hillary Clinton is running for President is because she wants the power and historical legacy of being the first woman President and the first husband and wife Presidents. The reason why Donald Trump is running for President is that he wants to help the American people and make America great again. A stark difference.

This Presidential election boils down to this simple conclusion. If you vote for Hillary Clinton, then you are voting against changes in Washington, D.C.

On the other hand, if you vote for Donald Trump, then you are voting for change in Washington, D.C.

Now, the big question for the American voters is:

Do we, the American people, want things in Washington, D.C. to change or not?

If you can honestly answer this question, then you know how to vote in November. Don't vote for a woman and don't vote for a businessman. Vote only for whether you want change in Washington, D.C. or not. It boils down to this one issue. Let's hope that the American people win this November, not the status quo.