Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Logos for My Firms

I recently had my logos re-done by Cheryl Mayo of Mayo Media. Their web site is Please visit their web site and contact Cheryl if you need any great graphic design work done. She is awesome!

For Marian Financial Services, Inc., I felt like the name of the firm was not allowing our firm to stand out among other firms. After all, what does "financial services" mean to most people? It means lots of different things and to me, causes confusion. So, instead of changing our name, I decided to promote our slogan instead of the name of our firm. The slogan speaks more to the issue at hand. We are The Right Answer. The Right Financial Adviser.®

I think this format for our logo makes much more sense for our firm. We are making a strong statement that we have the answers that people are looking for and also, we are the correct choice in seeking a financial adviser. I spelled Adviser with a "e" instead of an "o" because we are a Registered Investment Adviser with an "e".

Please visit our web site with our newly designed logo.

My other logo that Cheryl did for me was for my insurance agency, Rick Johnson Family Office, LLC. I get bombarded with calls all the time from other investment management firms who think that I have a billion dollars in assets. I wish I did, but unfortunately, as of today, I do not.

I wanted to clear the air, so to speak, and put to bed once and for all what is it that I do with Rick Johnson Family Office, LLC. So, working along the same theme as above, I wanted to highlight my trademarked slogan, Keep Your Assets. Take My Advice® and minimize the company name in the design.

In addition, I wanted to add "A Licensed Insurance Agency" so there would be no doubt about what this firm is all about. I sell Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Long Term Care insurance. If someone begs me, I might sell an Annuity, but it is not a major focus of this firm. I prefer selling the insurance products that protect families from financial devastation and or insure that their families can continue their current lifestyle.

Please visit my insurance firm web site at:

Thank you.