Monday, April 1, 2013

USPS Customer Service

This a rant and if you do not want to read it, then that's okay.

I ordered a package and chose the free delivery option. Little did I know that the package was being shipped by the USPS Priority Mail. If I had known that, then I would have paid for the package to be shipped. As it turns out, the package has yet to be put into my hands.

The USPS has a tracking site similar to FedEx and UPS where you put in the tracking number on their web site and it tells you the status. What this web site told me was that the package was delivered March 25th to Saint Johns, Florida. It doesn't say the street address. It doesn't say who signed for it, either. All it says is Saint Johns, FL.

Eureka moment for the USPS: Perhaps it would be a good idea to put the address and name of the person who signed for the Priority Mail package on your tracking web site!

Naturally, I dug around on the USPS's customer service web site trying to find a phone number to call. The first number that I called was an automated answering system where I put in the tracking number and it told me that the package was delivered to Saint Johns, FL on March 25th. There was no option to say..."No it was not!"

After going through all the phone prompts, I realized that I was on an endless loop where there was no options to speak with a live person. So, I hung up and tried another number.

At this new number, I finally found a live person. He asked for my tracking number and promptly went to the same web site that I did and told me that the package was delivered on March 25th, to Saint Johns, FL. I politely told him that I did not receive it. He transferred my call to some other person and this person wanted my tracking number. This person did the exact same thing. They went to their own web site and told me that the package was delivered on March 25th, to Saint Johns, FL.

By now, smoke is coming from my ears. This person told me that I needed a claim number. He got me a claim number and told me someone would call me by Monday at 5 pm. Someone did call me and left a message and I called them back first thing Monday morning.

Now, I was talking to someone in the Jacksonville post office that delivers my mail. He asked for my tracking number. I gave it to him and guess what he told me? The package was delivered on March 25th to Saint Johns, FL. I told him that I did not receive it. Do these people think that I am stupid I thought to myself? Ignoring the obvious, I told the man that I think I know why I have not received the package.

At my office, we have one of those letter boxes for the whole building where you need a key to get your mail. If you happen to get a package that is larger than your letter box, then there are some big boxes below that the postal carrier will put your package into. However, when they do this, they are supposed to put the key to the big box in your letter box. No key has been in my letter box all week and it does appear that one of the big boxes is locked. So, I told the man this is what I suspect had happened.

I was put on hold and then finally, the postal carrier for my building got on the line. She said the package was a small package and she put it in my letter box. I told her that I did not receive it. Then, she said, "you do not pick up your mail very often." I thought to myself that I pick up my mail no later than the next day and I fail to see how that is relevant. Nevertheless, I told the lady that I did not have it and I thought it was in one of the big boxes below. She said she would look for it when she comes by later today and if she finds it, then she will bring it to me.

Just for the fun of it, I went to the USPS site to see what happens when a package is lost. They have a online claim form and a process that they say takes a few weeks. The problem in my case is the package according to the USPS was delivered. It was not delivered. I cannot file a claim on a package that they say was delivered. The postal carrier is adamant that she delivered it to my letter box. This is of course, before she double checks it.

As luck would have it, I saw her drive up and she opened up the letter boxes and there it was in someone else's box. She handed it to me and apologized. I told her no problem. Not to worry.

I sure did have to go through a lot just to get my package.