Friday, September 7, 2012

Recessions Compared Historically

One of the blogs that I follow is the Calculated Risk Blog. This graph really tells the story of how this recession compares to prior recessions.

Do you see the problem? Look how quickly historically, we were able to recover from prior recessionary periods. The current jobs recession that we are in is the worst in history.

Policy decisions impact this chart more than anything, or the lack thereof. Since the 2008 election, pretty much nothing has been accomplished to add jobs to this economy by the President or Congress.

I believe what bothers most Americans is this fact that nothing is being done. The Democrats say it is the Republicans fault and the Republicans say it is the President and the Democrats fault. I say they are all guilty. These people are playing chicken with the economy by letting it languish as they have done for the last four years.

This November, it is more important than ever that you go cast your votes for what you believe to be the best candidates for the monumental task at hand. We have to turn this around. It starts by exercising your right to vote. Be smart and make the correct decision in the voting booth for the people you believe will accomplish the task of getting our economy going strongly in the right direction.