Monday, March 12, 2012

My New Re-Affiliation with the Paladin Registry

I have been a member of the National Ethics Association and its predecessor since 2006. However, I think that I am going to let my membership go by the wayside. In these last 6 years, I can honestly say that not one single person has ever even mentioned that fact that I was a member. Nor, has anyone said that they primarily came to be my client because of my affiliation with the National Ethics Association. Therefore, I am going to let my membership in this organization expire.

I have recently re-joined the Paladin Registry which I think will be more beneficial. The Paladin Registry is located at They help investors find pre-screened financial advisors. Even though the Paladin Registry costs more for me to affiliate with than the National Ethics Association, I think it will be more worthwhile in the long run. Potential clients can check my background via the Paladin Registry and make an evaluation before they call me. This is a smart thing to do by the way.

It is easy to find me by just typing in my office zip code 32259 in the Find a Local Advisor box at Then, you can click...Read more about Richard.

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