Thursday, June 2, 2011

More Vindication for My Do Not Buy List

My last blog post was vindication for a item on My Do Not Buy List. Just a scant two days ago, I blogged on Regulation D Private Placements and their dubious listing on My Do Not Buy List. Today, more vindication! Another item that I have on My Do Not Buy List gets noticed by both the SEC and FINRA.

The SEC and FINRA have come out with a warning about Structured Products which has been on My Do Not Buy List from day one. Although, in elite circles, they are sometimes called Structured Investments and this is how I list them on my handout. (See link at the bottom of this article.) After all, no one wants to be sold a product. See article here about the joint statement from the SEC and FINRA on Structured Products:

This article includes a list of questions that investors should ask before investing in these Structured Products. All you have to do is take one look at the complexity of this list of questions and you will quickly agree with me as to why it should be on My Do Not Buy List. See the list of questions here:

The bottom line is that if it is on My Do Not Buy List, then you can rest assured that you should not ever invest in it. For your own handout of My Do Not Buy List, click this link below:

Feel free to forward to others for their protection.