Monday, September 27, 2010

Metrics America

Poor ol' Metrics America. The executives at major corporations are still managing their companies via metrics or numbers. This is the masterful management skills of Corporate America in a nutshell. The Regional V.P. gets an email saying that his regions numbers are not hitting their metrics. So, the RVP sends out an email to his management team telling them that they are not hitting their metrics. Upon receiving these emails, the managers send out an email of their own to their employees that they have not hit their metrics. All this does is make employees fear for their jobs.

This is the brilliant strategy used by most of Corporate America right now in how they run their companies. Is it just me or is this an idiotic way of management?

People are people, not metrics acheiving machines. This unfortunate style of management and I hate to even call it management, is a totally ridiculous way of running a major corporation. Corporate America has been runnning their businesses in this manner for the better part of a decade now. Guess what fellows? It doesn't work.

A much better way of managing people is to first have respect for them. You would do far better as a company if you respect your people and quit threatening to fire them everyday because of some email management received from their RVP. I think what you are now finding out the hard way is that you are having a hard time keeping employees. There is a lot of turnover when you run your company on metrics. Why? Because people do not hit metrics every month, quarter or year. They get fed up with the metrics and quit, or say "screw it" and wait to be fired. You idiots in management actually believe that after treating your employees this way, that somehow you can coerce them into acheiving their metrics. You have got to be kidding me!

Corporate America and their management is like a hamster on the wheel. No matter how fast the hampster runs in the wheel, he never goes anywhere. Corporate America cannot improve their businesses based on this style of management.

Another thing that Corporate America mistakenly continues to do is to bring in sales consultants. After quarter after quarter of not hitting their metrics, the Executives come to a miraculous conclusion that their employees are not hitting their metrics. So, their solution is to bring in an outside sales consultant. The problem to them is obvious. Their employees need sales training. If they knew how to sell properly, then the metrics would be better, or so they think. These Executives are just plain stupid. They have no management skills. They are the ones that need to be fired!

I just recently saw an ad from a firm in the financial services industry. They are bringing in a sales consultant to help their employees boost their metrics. Let me save you some money. No sales consultant in America can boost the sales of your employees. I have seen them all. They all are abject failures. I do not care what they say or what you may believe.

You have to treat your employees with respect. Encourage them. Do not threaten them. You cannot have 12 people on a team and expect all twelve of them to reach the same metrics! That would be like having a baseball team where everyone on the team is required to hit .300 and hammer 30 home runs a year. It doesn't happen on the baseball field and it doesn't happen in Corporate America. Baseball managers know their personnel and try to get the most out of their players based on their own ability, not the ability of their best player. If they told all their players that they had to hit .300 and belt 30 home runs each year or they will be fired, then how good a team do you really believe this would be? It would be awful, because the players would not be able to acheive such a metric. This is exactly what Corporate America is doing. They expect every employee to acheive a metric based on the best player on the team. It is not going to happen and they are totally missing the point.

Think of how successful Corporate America could be if they worked towards the goal of getting the best out of their employees on an individual basis. What if they knew each person's ability and worked with them instead of against them to help them attain their best? This is the foundation for success in Corporate America. Get your head out of the metrics and out of those worthless sales consultant books.

If you want to hire someone to evaluate your operations, then hire me. I will free you from the metrics nightmare way of management.