Monday, April 26, 2010

The Taking Control Plan

The Taking Control Plan is a six step process that focuses on eliminating debt, keeping discretionary spending under control, establishing savings accounts for specific goals, building your emergency funds, moving on to fully funding your retirement accounts, then finally taking excess income and adding it to your investment accounts.

The Taking Control Plan Money Flow:
  1. Fixed Expenses Account
  2. Under Control Account(s)
  3. Savings Accounts
  4. Investment Account(s) for Emergency Funds
  5. Fully Funded Retirement Account(s)
  6. Excess Income to Investment Accounts
For a graphical view of the The Taking Control Plan Money Flow, follow this link: TheThe Taking Control Plan Money Flow

For a PowerPoint Presentation on the The Taking Control Plan, follow this link: Taking Control Power Point Presentation

Most people have been trained differently when it comes to handling debt, building emergency funds, adding to investment accounts and retirement accounts. The old and very ineffective solutions for debt management have been things like refinancing one credit card to another with a lower rate, or perhaps taking out a home equity line of credit and moving the credit card debt over to the home equity line of credit. The worst in my opinion is trying to be on a budget. Budgets are boring and nobody wants to be on a budget. These old ineffective solutions are not very smart strategies.

Those of you that know me, understand that I am totally unemotional when it comes to coming up with the best plan to get out of debt. It does not make sense to contribute to retirement accounts when you have credit card debt at 19.95% interest for example. You would have to exceed 19.95% on your retirement accounts in order for this to make any kind of sense and you would have to do it consistently. This is not feasible, it is not realistic and it is simple not smart.

You really should think about The Taking Control Plan and how it makes so much sense in helping people get out of debt, achieve their short term savings goals and also systematically increase their retirement accounts and investment accounts. The Taking Control Money Flow is important to making this work. It all needs to be done in order. There is a method to my madness, if you will.

Instead of my trying to explain it all in this blog post, I would prefer if you follow the links above where it will make more sense.

If you are in FL, KY, IN or TX, then I can help you right away with The Taking Control Plan. The fee for this valuable service can be as low as $50 a month. This is a very reasonable fee to have total control over your financial life.

If you are in other states, then we need to discuss how I may still be able to assist you through de minimus exemptions or by obtaining additional licensing in advance. You can go to my website at and click on the Contact button where you can submit me a brief contact request.

Remember the ultimate goal: Get out of debt, achieve Savings Goals, build emergency funds, fully fund Retirement Accounts and add excess income back into your Investment Accounts. It all make tremendous sense and I think you will agree after you review the above links.

Thank you very much.