Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remember When I Said...

Promissory Notes are nothing but a Ponzi scheme? Well, once again, yours truly has been proven correct. Of course, the folks in this press release are innnocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Here is the link:

It seems that this couple promised returns of 9 and 16 percent to investors. That right there should have been your first clue that this was bogus. Oh but, Rick it was a real estate investment. Well, that certainly makes all the difference...NOT! No it does not. It does not matter what it is as far as I am concerned. Promissory Notes are nothing but Ponzi schemes. They are structured EXACTLY like a Ponzi scheme. Investors put in money and are paid interest on their own money. As long as new investors keep coming in, then investors keep getting paid. However, when the stream of new investors stop, then the original investment somehow mysteriously disappears into "an investment." Like a great real estate investment. Of course, you cannot get your money back, because the "investment" has to have time to grow. After all, they told you this going in. Don't you remember?

Get this people. Promissory Notes = Ponzi Scheme. Do not EVER invest in a Promissory Note. If you do, plan on being a victim.

Be smart out there.