Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remember When I Said...

In a prior blog post, I listed my Do Not Buy List of products typically sold by broker/dealers and their registered representatives, but sometimes sold by unscrupulous investment advisors and non-registered people purporting to be investment advisors. The main reason that they sell these is because they typically pay large up front commssions in the 8 to 10% range of the initial investment.

With this article, you will receive a bonus education regarding investments on my Do Not Buy List. Two of the investments on my Do Not Buy List, both Promissory Notes and Private Placements are mentioned in the article. See this link for the sad story:


Once again, I have been proven correct that these so called "investments" belong squarely on my Do Not Buy List. By the way, do not buy means do not buy ever!

One of these days, people may actually save themselves the misery and listen to what I have to say.