Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Now You Can Check Out Your Unethical Broker or Insurance Agent

Go ahead. Go to FINRA Broker Check and run a check on your broker or securities licensed insurance agent. You may be very surprised at what you find. You will need to know their full name, or at least what their name starts with. It also helps to have the name of their brokerage firm. Just Google FINRA Broker Check and you will easily find the site.

Effective November 30th, 2009, the SEC approved a move by FINRA to put back in the system all the brokers who have had their securities licenses revoked or suspended.

They even put old Bernie Madoff back in there. He was missing in action for a little bit, but alas he mysteriously reappeared.

For posterity purposes, you can read the Bernard Madoff FINRA Broker Check report on the man himself and his firm, Bernard Madoff Investment Securities LLC, by going to my site at http://www.firstcoastplanning.com/ and choosing the Madoff button.

It is a good idea to check the background of your broker or insurance agent. I have a list of web sites in my book, Keep Your Assets Take My Advice, that you can find information on just about anyone with a few caveats. My book is also available through my web site via my web address listed above.

Contact me if you need help in doing background searches. I would be happy to assist.