Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bernard Madoff is Missing from FINRA Broker Check

I wonder why after going to (see prior post) and following through to the FINRA Broker Check site, I simply cannot find any information on Bernard L. Madoff. There is no information available. I know his name. I know his firm CRD # 2625. I know his individual CRD # 316687. I know the name of his brokerage firm, Bernard Madoff Investment Securities, LLC. However, for some strange reason, I cannot find a FINRA Broker Check report on Mr. Bernard L. Madoff.

This points out a gaping problem in the FINRA Broker Check site in my opinion. Anyone and everyone who has ever had disciplinary actions while a FINRA registered representative and after they leave FINRA firms, should have their backgrounds disclosed. Just because he is in prison, makes no difference. Think about the people who maybe were just barred from the industry. All they have to do is wait for FINRA to drop their disciplinary history from the FINRA Broker Check site after two years, then they can go back to stealing money from investors.

Please tell me where I am wrong.